Wednesday 25 October 2017

Details of Deal Via Admin

                   DEAL VIA ADMIN
What is Deal Via Admin:
  Deal via Admin is a dealing process where The Admin of that particular group in where the buyer/seller posted his/her post is involved as a third person to make the deal safe ans secure.

1: First make Clear about dealing matter and Dealing price Between buyer and Seller.
2: Add Admin in tis deal, Make a group chat between the seller, buyer and  The Admin.
3: Now clear about the deal to the Admin.
4: Then the buyer will pay the total amount of that Deal to The Admin.
5: Now after confirmation of payment from the Admin the seller will provide the Gift Voucher, Code, etc Whatever he/she selling to the buyer in his/her personal inbox.
6: After confirmation from buyer that he/she got  that particular  thing which he/she wants to buy, Admin will pay the amount to the seller.

Charges: Normally Admins are taking 3% (1.5% from both side - Buyer and Seller) charges for higher amount deals and 0% for lower Amount deals. They are taking charge because they also have their Wallet limit and some times the have to buy wallets from third party seller only for Deal via Admin.

1: Check tha Admins profile and group info to become sure about the Admin.
2: Deal via admin and deal via moderator are same , only tha changes of Admin and Moderator.
3: Don't take too much time to complete a Deal cause Admins have also another important work to do.
4: Deals on Facebook are more secure than deals on watsApp.

 1: Your deal will safe and secure and you will never rip.


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